Mount Vernon Monster Reappears in Minds of Many

Mount Vernon Monster Reappears in Minds of Many

Recent web show revives rumors from late 1970s.

Just when the paranormal activity came to a rest in Mount Vernon, inklings of the Mount Vernon Monster have reappeared, bringing this urban legend to life again. This recently started with a new episode of “The InBetween,” narrated by Carol Ann on a YouTube show that examines things like the Lost City of Atlantis, Bigfoot and unsolved murders.

If you were a Mount Vernon teenager in about 1980, you’ll remember the Mount Vernon Monster too.

“Residents began hearing a wailing scream at night,” Carol Ann said, as she presents a compelling account of the monster and lots of evidence, although a majority of the evidence is audio and not visual. In fact, there are no real pictures of the monster that seemed to be lurking around Old Union Farm Road in the Mount Vernon Country Club area. The audio recordings are not very clear either.

Carol Ann narrates “The InBetween” cable show. 


Thelma Crisp, a resident of Old Union Farm Road, reportedly saw the monster sitting in her backyard, said Carol Ann, but Thelma died July 15, 2006 so there was no further confirmation of this sighting. There is a mention of the Mount Vernon Monster in the book "Urban Legends of Virginia," by Charles A. Mills and the teaser of the book asks the question: Is Bigfoot stalking George Washington’s Mount Vernon?

On the website "Fairfax Underground," there are a few people mentioning it as well. One likened it to Bigfoot. “Has there ever been any sightings in Northern VA of Bigfoot? Yes, the Mount Vernon Monster is considered to be Bigfoot,” the Underground's report said. Another wrote "I grew up in Mount Vernon Manor, as with my father and always loved the stories he would tell me about the Mount Vernon Monster! I have a lot of fond memories swimming in Miss Crisp's pool and eating cookies while she told me stories of the monster!”

The monster wandered the woods at night in the area near Union Farm Road right next to Mount Vernon Country Club (there is no ‘Old Union Farm Road’ like Carol Ann said). The monster sightings were also over at Davidson Airfield on Fort Belvoir and through the woods to the Hayfield Farm area, reported Carol Ann. In Hayfield, there was an unexplained destruction of a rabbit hutch and the disappearance of all the rabbits from a house that sat near the Fort Belvoir woods. All that was left was “a blood trail heading into the woods,” she said.

Can I Hear a Witness?

This is where a Hayfield resident named Steve comes in. Most of the trails Carol Ann follows to investigate this monster came from tidbits of information that Steve introduced. This was about 1975 and the monster was last heard from in about 1983. Steve had a few accounts of seeing or hearing it while walking in the Belvoir woods at night, which of course is very dark, so the sightings were difficult at best. He could hear the monster following him in the woods, she said.

Carol Ann said there were previous bigfoot sightings on Fort Belvoir and one UFO incident that was included on the Condon Report, a UFO investigation summary connected with the Federal Government, so this sets the stage for local paranormal activity.

The Mount Vernon Monster was thought to be a Bigfoot, type creature with similarities in the scarce number of actual pictures and sightings connected to it. At least the Bigfoot enthusiasts have the 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film of a Bigfoot creature shot in Northern California. The grainy 8mm film is 59 seconds long but has one famous frame where the creature looks toward the camera. This is the holy grail for the Bigfoot community.

More recently, the movie “Sasquatch Sunset,” came out to revive the Bigfoot phenomenon but it was more a comedy based the lives of a family of sasquatches in Northern California that go around avoiding contact while they live the lives of a typical sasquatch family, is that possible? In the film, they make grunting noises the whole time but not high-pitched whines like the Mount Vernon Monster.

To see the show, go to Audio PROOF of the Mt. Vernon Monster (The InBetween) (