Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Dismayed

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Dismayed

I was dismayed to read the very one-sided and mostly inaccurate version of an event taking place in my neighborhood. The article "Creek Plan in Hollin Hills Generates Push Back by Mike Salmon" does not represent anyone who supports the project. It especially lacks the obvious appropriate input from the Parks Chair who has very responsibly and ably brought this project to near fruition. This project has been in the works for several years with very transparent processes providing for multiple meetings and frequent ability for input into every phase. The latecomers to this stream restoration only started complaining at the very end of the project. Worse, their "solution" has no way of funding it nor any details on who or how it would be done. It seems a moot point anyway since Supervisor Storck has approved the project. I would have expected better reporting from our local newspaper.

Pam Williams

Mount Vernon