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Opinion: Commentary: Budget Passed

Enormous number of measures baked into budget to address critical needs in an unprecedented year

The 2021 session of the Virginia General Assembly came to a close on Monday, March 1st, which really concluded with a long twelve hours on the floor Saturday that included the final passage of the Budget bill, and tax conformity legislation that set a critical $100,000 threshold for PPP expense deductibility for 2020 for all businesses in the Commonwealth.

Opinion: Commentary: Inland Flooding

Facing storm intensities far beyond what our infrastructure was designed to handle

With one week remaining in the 2021 legislative session, Senators and Delegates are putting the finishing touches on legislation, and preparing to head home to the districts they represent in Richmond and throughout the year.

Opinion: Column: Not That I Don’t Understand, But...

...So this is what the process is like trying to schedule a Covid-19 vaccination.

Opinion: Commentary: Bringing Virginia into the Light

Abolishing the death penalty, steps to end Jim-Crow era ban on felony voting and more recent ban on gay marriage

The last week of the 2021 General Assembly Session has arrived and it will prove to be an exciting time with many big issues on the agenda.

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Opinion: Commentary: “My Journey to Becoming a Law”

Today’s the day!

Opinion: Commentary: Finding Solutions in the General Assembly

Both the Senate of Virginia and the House of Delegates have released proposed budgets and we will vote on the budget soon.

Opinion: Commentary: General Assembly at Crossover

This last year has been called “historic” and “unprecedented".

Opinion: Column: If Michael Corleone Had Lung Cancer

"Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in."

Editorial: Send Pet Photos

The Pet Gazette, a twice-yearly special edition, will publish the last week of February, and photos and stories of your pets with you and your family should be submitted by Friday, Feb. 19.

Editorial: Send in Pet Photos for Pet Connection

The Pet Connection, a twice-yearly special edition, will publish the last week of February, and photos and stories of your pets with you and your family should be submitted by Friday, Feb. 19, 2021.

Opinion: Commentary: Budget Recommendations on Transportation and Public Safety

Report By Delegate Paul Krizek, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Transportation and Public Safety, to the Full Appropriations Committee, that will be given on Wednesday, Feb. 10, with the introduction of the House Budget:

Opinion: Commentary: Progress on Many Fronts at Crossover

The Fifth Week of the General Assembly Session brought Crossover and the conclusion of some of our most contentious bills.

Opinion: Commentary: Legislature Is Moving Bills, Addressing Problems

As the General Assembly begins its fourth week in session this year, vaccine deployment for Covid-19 has started to accelerate and we are discussing how to jump-start in-person schooling.

Opinion: Commentary: Vaccine Roll Out Improving

Disappointingly, Virginia hit the bottom of the national rankings in Covid-19 vaccine distribution in recent weeks, uniting both political parties here in the Commonwealth in constructive and bipartisan criticism of the Northam administration over transparency of location of doses, methods of distribution and equality in where the vaccines were going.