Stories for January 2022

Stories for January 2022


Thursday, January 27

Police Reports in Mount Vernon

Police Reports

Column: The Pace in Richmond Quickens

Richmond process

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Drinking Wine and Painting Ducks in Belle View

Team building is part of the process at Wine & Design.

Painting as therapy

New Year Brings New Tax on Plastic Bags in Mount Vernon

BYOB now means ‘bring your own bag.’

People Speak Out about the Bag fee

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Breaking Ground to Upgrade Mount Vernon Trail Segment

Upgrades to the trail and a new bridge are highlights of this improvement.

Mount Vernon Trail

Wednesday, January 26

Northern Virginia Faces Loss of Legislative Experience

Redistricting Creates Opportunities and Forces Change


Kids Mask Up for School

Masks at School

New County Supervisory Districts/Precincts Get Name Review


Losing the Greatest Park Leaders

Park leaders

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Impact of Vehicle-Bicycle Collisions in Fairfax Courts

FABB's discussion with Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Community Justice and Policy

Bike ruling

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Brabrand: 'Stay the Course'

We have a right to do things up until that right impinges or infringes on the rights of others.


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FCPS Takes Legal Action Challenging Gov. Youngkin's Ex. Order No. 2

County School Board files suit jointly with six other boards.

Executive order

Romance and Intimacy after 60

Reviving and developing romantic relationships in the golden years.

Senior issues

Column: The Transportation Committee

Update from Session Week 2


Column: Protecting Student Learning

Student learning

Thursday, January 20

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Springfield Mall’s Riot Over Leif Garrett’s Appearance

“Blast from the Past” hears from those who were there.

Look back to Leif's visit

Peter Reistad Wins Post 24 Oratorical in Alexandria

West Potomac junior advances to District 17 competition.

Oracle contestant

Wednesday, January 19

Parks = Innovation

NOVA Parks

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Reconsidering Marijuana

Pot is still legal, but the plan to regulate its sale is in jeopardy.


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New Governor Revokes Mask Mandate for Schools

FCPS says masks requirement remains in effect.

Mask Mandates

News Briefs

News Briefs

Column: A New Day in Richmond and Many Challenges

General Assembly

Column: Peaceful Transfer of Power

State government

Earning College Credit with Work Experience and Training

Program expansions makes college degree accessible and affordable for many.

Community college

Thursday, January 13

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Transition Begins after Purchase of Trailer Park

trailer park

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January Snows Topple Trees Across Fairfax County

Days of cutting and chopping finally makes a dent.

Snow impacts trees

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College Student as Substitutes in Mount Vernon

School Substitutes

Tuesday, January 11

Column: Fox in the Chicken Coop

K Plum Column

Tax on Plastic Bags

Bag tax

Veri Peri Named 2020 Color of the Year

Described blue with red-violet undertones, the hue is expected to be on trend this year.


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Return to School 2022

After a week of weather closures, FCPS opens with Covid-19 surging

Returning to school

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FCPS Faces Staff Shortages in the Face of Omicron

Superintendent pledges to keep students in the classroom, but it will “not be business as usual.”

School with Covid

Thursday, January 6

Column: New Year, New Laws

On Jan. 1, the minimum wage was raised from $9.50 per hour to $11 per hour; and more.


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Beaver Stay Busy in the Winter in Mount Vernon

Busy Beavers

Fire Department Staffing

Fire department hiring

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Snow and Schools in Fairfax County

The communication and snow removal system continues to evolve to keep all the boxes checked.

Snow and school

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Desegregation Ruling in Bucknell Continues to have National Impact

Historical marker approved to commemorate “Sullivan v. Little Hunting Park, Inc.”

Desegregation ruling

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Local Clothing Designer Behind Bathing Suit Line

In high school, fashion classes at the Fairfax Academy paid off for Kendall Barry.

Local bathing suit designer

Tuesday, January 4

Grocery Tax Change Proposed

Alternative revenue source not identified

Grocery tax

Virginia Now More Humane for Animals

Cruelty free cosmetics law in effect Jan. 1, 2022.


Making Decision During COVID

Even small decisions can cause anxiety, stress.

Covid Stress

2022 Real Estate Forecast

Real Estate Forecast