Stories for February 2022

Stories for February 2022


Thursday, February 24

Ditch Warfare

House Republicans push for tax cuts; Senate Democrats push back.


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County Executive Presents FY 2023 Advertised Budget

Increase in assessed values for real estate and vehicles drive higher tax payments.

County budget

Man Shot by Police in Lorton Identified, Charged

Officer not yet named.

Man shot is identified

Column: Budget Success in Mount Vernon

$400,000 for the new Lee District Community and Workforce Development Center

New Development Center

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New Fire Station Gives Firefighters an Edge in Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon station has bigger bays and quarters in a rapidly growing area.

New Fire Station

Letter: Worrying About Local News

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, February 23

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Zema Opens in Mount Vernon

Zema opens

County Animal Shelter Employees Care for Adoptable Pets

Shelter Employees

Currier Named New Director of Animal Sheltering in Fairfax

Currier brings long record on animal welfare.

Animal Shelter Director

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Beagles Find Heroes in General Assembly


Pet Connection


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Adopting a Senior Dog Could Be a Better Match, Really

One woman's passion and 'Tribute'.

Senior dogs

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Voice Lesson to Music History Classes at Your Fingertips.

New collaboration offers video-streaming service to seniors.

Voice Lessons

Column: Budgeting When Resources Are Available


Tuesday, February 22

Column: Working with an Eye Towards Compromise

Progress advances every time we change the law for the better.


Column: Helping Virginians Get Health Coverage

Health Insurance

Thursday, February 17

Police Shoot Armed Man in Lorton

Suspect was out on a warrant and in a van parked on a Newington area street; police say he pointed a gun at them.

Shooting in Lorton

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Climate Change Study Warns of Coastal Flooding in 2050

County program called "Resilient Fairfax," would provide prevention steps.

Climate Study

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Mount Vernon 35th Annual Town Meeting

District tradition returns in person and a virtual option.

Mount Vernon Town Meeting

Wednesday, February 16

Oops! They Did it Again

Lawmakers accidentally gave overtime protection to farmworkers and domestic workers, now they're taking it back.

They didn't mean it. Seriously. And now they're about to undo what they did last year. Lawmakers say the vote last year to create a cause of action for farmworkers and domestic workers to seek overtime pay was a mistake. Senators say they were misled, snookered by the blitzkrieg pace of the General Assembly. Now they're taking action to rectify the situation, stripping farmworkers and domestic workers of the ability to sue for overtime.

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Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Transitions From All Advanced Life Support System

Reintegration of the dual-tier EMS system, 12 stations impacted.

EMS transitions

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FCPS Initial ‘Test-To-Stay’ Pilot Results

Limited participation attributed to high vaccination rates.

Vaccination at Schools

Column: Progress Impeded

Progress impeded

Column: Fixing the Virginia Employment Commission


Last Week in Richmond Column:: 25 Bills Moving

25 bills in govt.

Thursday, February 10

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Embark Meets One Fairfax

Mobile-home owners finally get a presentation on rezoning of adjacent land


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Our Winter Visitors – Waterfowl in Mount Vernon


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It’s Only February, But Not Too Early for Potholes

January’s cold temperatures made the pothole season come early.

Potholes come early

Week Four: Bills Moving in Richmond; Retail Marijuana Under Discussion

General Assembly

Column: "The Good, Bad, and the Ugly"

Govt Bills

Wednesday, February 9

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It All Started at Fort Hunt

The U.S. Army Band centennial was Jan. 25, 2022.

Army Band

Tuesday, February 8

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Home

Presents that can be used on Cupid's Day and beyond.


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Seeking Shelter: Changes in Housing Preferences

Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship at George Mason University School of Business presents.


Letter: Don’t Hamper Dulles Future Growth; Adopt 2019 Noise Contours

NOVA chamber

Column: Black History Month at the State Capitol

Black History Month

Column: Putting Crime Guns in the Cross Hairs

Gun legislation

School to Extend Firearms Prohibition, Safety Education

Firearms at school

Fairfax Skaters Made the Cut for the 2022 Olympic Games

Local spotlight shines on the speed track and figure skating rink.

Local Olympians

Thursday, February 3

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Duckpin Bowling Went the Way of the Dodo Bird

Once a popular sport, bowling has taken a hit around here.

Blast from the Past: Duckpin Bowling

Message from Dan Storck in Mount Vernon

Annual Mount Vernon District Town Meeting is Back in Person

Town Hall

Infill Development Task Force Being Formed in Mount Vernon

Task force

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Local Author Publishes Book of One-Act Plays

West Potomac alum writes to teach, and is now a playwright living on Martha’s Vineyard.

Local Author

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Gum Springs Community Building Chosen for Historical Significance

The Pride of Fairfax Lodge #298 among 13 new sites for registry in Virginia.

Historical building

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Coyotes Spotted in All Parts of Fairfax County

Seldom seen, coyotes have been living next to people for a long time.


Wednesday, February 2

Losing the Greatest Park Leaders

Park leaders

Green Rollback May Hit Blue Wall

Republican efforts to undo environmental laws to face opposition in Democratic-led Senate.

Environmental laws

Combatting the Toll of Racism on Mental Health

Black Health and Wellness is the theme of Black History Month 2022

Mental health

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Exhilarating, Crackling Evening of Orchestral Music

Fairfax Symphony includes a U.S premier.

Symphony Music

Column: Getting Down to Work

Richmond house activities

Meet the Secretaries

Senate floor