Commentary: Remember It’s ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’

Commentary: Remember It’s ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’

This is “Teacher Appreciation Week” in Virginia, and I want to thank our teachers for their personal dedication, skill, and experience they provide our children, including my daughter, every school day. I must also thank the many teachers in Fairfax County Public Schools that taught and inspired me.

I join Governor Northam commemorating teachers this week, and encourage all Virginians to thank and recognize teachers for their hard work and dedication to all of our children not just this week but every single day. This is an especially good time to thank them because they are dealing with that stressful time of year when students have their final exams, SOLs, AP tests, end-of-year projects and upcoming graduations.

Our teachers do a fantastic job fostering a nurturing, creative environment where students can thrive. When I visit our schools in our Mount Vernon and Lee community, I always come away impressed by the vitality and excitement that teachers bring to the classroom, theatre and gym and it’s all possible because of the great educational environment they work hard to create. I would be remiss if I did not thank the wonderful members of the Virginia Education Association who never stop fighting for our children.

This year marks the third annual “Thank a Teacher” campaign, sponsored by the Virginia Lottery in partnership with the Virginia Tourism Corporation and the Virginia Parent Teacher Association. In the first two years of the campaign, according to the Governor, Virginia teachers received more than 70,000 thank-you notes, due to overwhelming support from parents, students and community members.

“Teachers are the backbone of our Commonwealth’s economy and we should recognize them every day,” Governor Northam said. “During Teacher Appreciation Week, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to thank the people who help shape young individuals into educated adults, ready to work the jobs of today and create the jobs of tomorrow.”

Someone once said that “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.” Thank you to all of our wonderful educators for your big hearts shaping our children’s minds and preparing them for the workforce of tomorrow.