Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Unity or Divisive?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Unity or Divisive?

The latest incarnation of the NFL is dizzying. In what world is one man kneeling a display of unity but one man standing is divisive?

This version of the NFL takes away the American tradition and ideals we struggle to teach every day. For every one step forward teaching kids fair play, good sportsmanship and honesty in youth sports, NFL Sunday goofiness pushes us two steps back.

We have arrived at a point where a West Point grad and combat veteran is conflicted as he came onto the field and saluted the flag instead of hiding out of sight with the rest of the team. The message is “Team Above Nation” I guess — except, of course, in England where the NFL thought it better to respect the host nation anthem. Disrespecting the host might not fill the stadium next time; no fear of that here, apparently.

In one fell swoop, the league has positioned itself against law and order, against veterans and police who protect us and against American ideals. I take it as given that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are all aspiration documents – we’re not there yet but we’re further along the path than any other country in history. Let’s keep going in that direction.

I say again, in what world does one man kneeling while all others are standing represent unity while one man standing while the others kneel — oh, never mind — let’s go play some baseball and get things back to normal.

Barry M. Meuse

President, Fort Hunt Little League